Care & Cleaning

Care of a velvet sofa

A velvet sofa requires no more or less attention than a sofa covered in any other fabric. Here too, regular cleaning involves vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner and a suitable upholstery attachment.
If soiling is caused by dust or dried dirt, it is often sufficient to brush along the fabric with a clothes brush - always in the direction of the fibers. In general, soiling should be dealt with immediately, as the velvet sofa is best treated at this stage. For example, the surface can be wiped clean with a damp piece of leather, paying attention to the direction of the fibers.
For real stains, you should first dab with an absorbent cloth and then use an upholstery or carpet shampoo. However, do not apply the shampoo directly to the velvet fabric, but first to a cloth to avoid discoloration. Carefully work the stain from the outside inwards to prevent it from spreading. Do not apply too much pressure so that the fibers remain supple afterwards. Then remove the shampoo with a damp cloth or simply soak it up - now the velvet cover is presentable again.


Care of a sofa in structural fabric

First clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the sofa. For pet hair on the sofa, you should use a lint brush. For liquid stains, proceed as follows:
Start by absorbing the liquid with an absorbent kitchen towel.
Then use a cloth with mild soapy water to gently treat the stain. Be careful not to rub too hard, as this can damage the fibers and lead to visible changes in the structure and deeper soiling in the fabric.
Then remove the soapy water with a cloth and clean water, gently dab the affected area dry and allow it to dry completely. Textured fabric, especially polyester, is easy to clean and due to the different shades of the fibers and the resulting uneven color pattern, minor stains or discolorations are less visible than on smooth surfaces.


Care of a real leather sofa

Maintaining a leather sofa requires relatively little effort and, if you put some effort into it, can ensure that you enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time. It is important to clean your leather sofa regularly, including vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth.
Please avoid removing stains by rubbing and never use solvents. Aggressive cleaning agents or cosmetics should also not be used.
Liquids and food residues should be removed with an absorbent cloth. Remember that leather is a natural product and grease stains are often absorbed by untreated material and become invisible over time. Depending on the wear and tear, it is advisable to use special leather cleaning products once or twice a year, which are available in drugstores or online. Leather care sets with active ingredients offer ideal protection for the material.
Use a soft, damp sponge for cleaning. Apply the leather cleaning agent to the sponge and squeeze it out well. Clean the leather in circular movements and make sure to clean large areas from seam to seam. For optimum care, you should apply a special leather care product to a soft cloth and spread the cream evenly over the entire sofa. The manufacturer's instructions should also be followed. If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy your leather sofa for a long time with minimal effort.