Designer sofas for luxurious living

Lusso Living designer sofas invite you to relax and take pleasure. Experience quality and innovative design all in one. Choose the unique and functional design of Lusso Living designer furniture that easily matches any interior style.

The concept of Lusso Living is to ensure both comfort and quality. Large seats, chaise longue, adaptable headrests, recliner are synonyms of comfort. Spend cozy afternoons with your loved ones on Lusso Living designer sofas. Personalize Lusso Living designer sofa with materials, colours and options of your choice. Hi-tech functions such as wireless charger, drink cooler and reading lamp will make your everyday life simple and easygoing. Purchase a piece of art for your living room.

To ensure quality Lusso Living uses the first class materials and production technologies and produce designer furniture in the EU. The construction of IconX Studios designer sofas is made of durable and high quality materials: nailed plywood elements bear a solid beech wood frame.

This Lusso Living product is manufactured in the EU and is easy to assemble.

Design and quality

Innovative design
High quality materials
Stable and endurable construction
Easy to maintain
Made in EU


Lusso Living is offering you a multiple choice of materials and colors. 

Click on the ''Colours'' tab to see  colour palettes for all materials.

Please write your colour choice in the comment box available at the check out page.

Material quality

Cover: knitted velvet, 100% Polyester, easy water cleaning technology

Upholstery: 35 kg / m³ polyether foam with Nosag suspension