The AVITA ALOE VERA mattress is made entirely of thermoelastic and high-flexible foams. The first layer of the mattress is 4 cm thermoelastic visco memory foam, the properties of which allow it to reproduce the natural curvature of the body under the influence of pressure and the temperature of the user. This feature of the mattress is an unquestionable advantage, because thanks to it the mattress perfectly adapts to our individual needs. In addition, the use of thermoelastic foam eliminates excessive pressure on the various parts of the body, and thus improves the circulation of our blood.

The second layer of the mattress is 17 cm high-flexible foam, which is responsible for the comfort and convenience of use and maximum support for our body in a lying position. A feature of HR high-flexible foam is also its extraordinary elasticity. In addition, this foam, compared to traditional polyurethane foams, is up to 45% more durable, so despite intensive use it can serve the user for many years.

The original system of air diffusers and channels creates a perfect air flow, which removes the temperature and moisture from the mattress core. Through this system of automatic thermoregulation you reduce their sweating.


Dimensions and weight:








200 cm

total height:

22 cm


25-31 kg


Medium soft - Hardness level 2/3



We have deliberately refined our mattress cover with AloeVera. Why? Among other things, AloeVera has an antibacterial effect. The minerals, vitamins and trace elements contained in the aloe vera plant not only have an antibacterial effect, but also a soothing effect on the skin. Clinical studies confirm that AloeVera can also help with skin diseases and curb mild inflammation.

High quality cover made of breathable and hypoallergenic fibers, with separable zipper for removal and washing at 60 °C (23% viscose, 77% polyester, 580g/m2).

All materials used are OekoTex certified.




- temperature-sensitive memory foam (4cm, 40kg/m3) for maximum body support.

- breathable, durable and moisture regulating

- highly elastic (HR) support foam (17 cm, 35 kg/m3)

- inner fabric, tricot (100% polyester)

- OekoTex certified

- made in EU